Book Hotels, Buy Clothes, Florists or More with PayPal

After analysing hundreds of UK shops and stores online, we created a directory of shops that accepts PayPal to pay online. Using PayPal is a secure and easy way of shopping online, but not all the shops take PayPal as a payment option.

Please browse the categories to see the shops that accept PayPal.

Mobile Phones DVDs & games Web Hosting Clothes
Computer & Laptops Car insurance Books Gifts shops
Flowers Flights Travel & holiday Casino & Gambling
Poker Hotel Home Entertainment Furniture
Electrical appliances Travel insurance Home Insurance Bingo

You can safely use PayPal in those online shops in the UK. PayPal is an easier way of paying online and you will find this list of shops that take paypal useful. All these shops linked above except and take PayPal when you pay for clothes online. So, don’t spend a long time browsing the other clothing shops which don’t accept PayPal, because you won’t be able to use it.

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Shopping online is becoming more and more popular as it is a quick, convenient way to buy items without even having to leave the comfort of your own home. However for some time many people have worried about entering their bank account details onto sites to pay for goods fearing their details may be stolen. For this reason PayPal shopping was created and it is now incredibly widely used as a safe way for paying for shopping online and sending money owed to friends or family members.

Perhaps one of the biggest attractions for most people that use PayPal shopping is that it is quick and easy but above all, secure. It means that you no longer have the inconvenience of having to enter your bank account details every time you wish to buy something but instead you can just quickly log into your PayPal account and click on the pay now button. This has the added bonus of helping to protect you from the risk of having your bank account details stolen and possibly having your account hacked.

However for some time now the only drawback to PayPal shopping has been that there were a very limited number of big retail PayPal stores that have allowed you to pay for goods online in this way. Due to its popularity though there are now more online shops then ever that allow you to purchase goods from them using a PayPal account as a form of payment.

You can now use PayPal to shop at thousands of different websites as well as a way to receive and send payments for items on eBay. These websites include small, independent specialist shops to the big high street giants with more being added all the time. Using shops that accept PayPal is a much safer way to pay online due to the fact that you do not have to enter your card details manually every time allowing you to check out much faster and with a lot less hassle.

Once you’ve registered with PayPal, you can use your account in a number of different ways. No matter how you choose to pay or send money with PayPal, we’ll give you a transactional ID code, which you can then use to enter the prize draw.

Buy items on eBay or eBay Express without sharing your financial details with the seller. Use your credit or debit card, bank account or PayPal balance to pay instantly and get your item sooner. Best of all, your purchase can be covered up to £500. Buy now on eBay or eBay Express.

You can now choose to pay with PayPal at hundreds of websites, including Skype, Ladbrokes, Photobox and Sony Ericsson. Your transaction is secure and instant, just as it is on eBay. See other brands that accept PayPal, view the latest offers or go to our Shopping with PayPal site.

To email a gift of money to friends or family, simply log in to your PayPal account and click “Send Money”. Then, enter the desired amount with the recipient’s name and email address. Find out more about sending money by email.

To buy goods, donate to charity or send money to a friend while you’re on the move, first take a minute or two to activate your mobile phone. Then look at the great things you can buy, or donate to Children in Need.
To lift the initial limits on the amount you can spend or receive with PayPal, you’ll need to verify your account by completing some steps that demonstrate you are the owner of a valid bank account. These security measures help to keep PayPal and your online identity secure. Find out