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When you are just to find your discount hotel deals and ready to book for hotel rooms in the UK , you might need to restart your search again, as not all the hotel websites accept PayPal as a payment option online. Whether you are searching for a hotel in London, Paris, New York, London, Paris, Rome, Barcelona, Amsterdam, Dublin, Prague, Edinburgh, Venice, Berlin, Brussels, Madrid, Florence, Lisbon, Copenhagen and more cities in Europe, USA, America, Asia and Africa   or a spa or luxury hotel, it is better to firstly find which hotels accept PayPal online. So that you won’t need to search again if you cannot use your card.

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The majority of hotels that you wish to book at will require that you have a credit card of some description. In part this is because rooms are usually booked over the internet or by phone so having a credit card is necessary. However it is also partly for the hotels protection in case you do not show up or if you damage your room in some way.

Despite this it is still possible to book and reserve hotel rooms without a credit card. Some for example may let you pay a deposit in cash if you live nearby. However this is usually an exception to the rule and is not always completely practical. You can also pay for a hotel with PayPal.

PayPal was originally set up as a method for those using eBay to pay and receive money for their items. It proved to be incredibly popular and for this reason is now widely used as a method to pay and transfer money for a variety of transactions including booking a hotel with PayPal. Money can be exchanged in a secure manner and has the additional benefit of reducing the chances of your bank account details being hacked.

Perhaps one of the biggest attractions for most people that use PayPal is that it is not only simple to use but offers this level of security. It eradicates the inconvenience of having to enter your bank account details whenever you buy something and allows you to simply log into your PayPal account to create the payment.

There are some hotel companies that are perfectly happy to let you pay for a hotel with PayPal as a method of payment for hotel reservations so do not be discouraged if this is your preferred method of payment. Of course, you will only be able to pay for a hotel with PayPal if you are making your bookings online. In this case you will often see the PayPal logo on the hotels site and when you come to make your payment you will see it highlighted as an option for payment.

If you do not have any credit or debit cards and think this sounds like a great way to make your payment then unfortunately you will still have a problem. In order to get a PayPal account you need to link a credit or debit card to the account as this is where the money will be taken from when you make payments.

If you do decide to pay for a hotel with PayPal then make sure you do a good search online as although many will not accept this method of payment there are plenty that will.


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