PC, computer, laptops & accessories shops that accept PayPal

When you buy PC or deskstop computer or laptop, you will come across several PC shops which can offer you cheap and best computer deals. However, you might have an unpleasant surprise when you are about to buy your desired computer or accessories; unfortunately you might struggle to find a shop which accepts PayPal as a form of payment. Therefore, it is better to firstly find which computer stores accept PayPal before you choose your laptop or computer. So that you won’t need to search again if your card is not accepted online.

After our research, we found that the following PC shops accept PayPal online. Click on the name of the shop to visit each website where you can use your PayPal to buy your desired PC computer. Links open in new window, so you can compare each shop’s offers:

Dabs: Dabs.com is one of the UK’s leading online retailers of IT and technology products offering a wide range of over 15,000 products to both home and business users.

Misco: One of the UK’s largest online retailers for computer, electrical & technology products with over 15,000 top brand products.

All these companies linked above except and take PayPal when buying online. Nevertheless, you should note that using your PayPal in paying with monthly instalments, you might need to go through a credit check.

Printer-ink-toner.co.uk: They have a wide range of high-quality, compatible and remanufactured printer inks and toner cartridges and strive to provide excellent service at low prices.

So, don’t spend a long time browsing the PC laptops on other websites, because when you will try using your card you will probably be rejected from the beginning.

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Now, enjoy your PC shopping with the PayPal!

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